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The services we offer as a painting company may be similar to those of our professional competitors. How we go about the process however,  is where we stand apart and therein lies the reason to hire ACP Painting over all others! 

Specializing In:

Interior & Exterior Painting - Epoxy Floors - Stucco & Drywall Repairs - Gate Refinishing - Power Washing

What to Expect When You Hire ACP Painting

 Unlike most others, ACP is punctual! We will arrive on time for the scheduled estimate and provide a timely bid to you within 24 hours. Upon accepting the bid you will choose your colors and ACP will establish a start date that works best for you.


 Upon punctual arrival at your home ACP will begin the most important part of the painting process, the preparation. Preparing your house includes everything from properly protecting floors and all  areas not being painted to cleaning and repairing damaged surfaces, sanding, scraping and priming where necessary. All of this done prior to applying any paint ensuring a quality lasting finish while protecting your hard earned possessions.                         

​   Paint Application

 Once all areas are prepared and protected ACP applies a minimum of two coats of high quality Sherwin Williams brand paint to the desired  surfaces. We use high grade products from Sherwin Williams by default, but any alternative brands and or products are available at the customers request.


 After the painting is complete ACP begins cleanup which includes, but is not limited to; sweeping, dusting and raking wherever needed and performing all necessary paint touch ups. All waste is bagged up and removed from your home.


 After painting is complete ACP will walk the project with you to ensure that everything is to your liking. Should you see anything that needs further attention it will be taken care of at this time. If there is something that is overlooked during the inspection there's no need to worry because ACP offers an industry stunning 4 Year Warranty! If at anytime in that 4 years you should notice anything at all simply contact ACP and we’ll come out and  remedy the issue!